Since I came of age I have always been involved in governmental systems work. Since I was 18 years old I was responsible in a department of education and culture. I developed public relations and institutional relations with communication agencies and institutional events. In certain occasions I coordinated the events and workers of the same.

Several years working with the team of a scientific program of TVE called REDES led by Eduardo Punset former Minister of the Union of Democratic Center in the government of Spain and MEP in the European Parliament as a member of the lists of Democratic and Social Center.

My capacity of movement, contacts and my residence in other countries and continents for many years has led me to be Ambassador of groups and companies before public or private administrations for the transparent development and increase of the same.


We apply marketing strategies to obtain opportunities for long-term business growth with customers, markets and relationships.

  • New markets (sectorial, geographic)
  • Product licensing opportunities
  • Company acquisitions
  • Development of new products/services or adaptations of existing products
  • New distribution channels
  • Partnerships with other companies