From a very young age, one of Carlos' many qualities that led him to be very productive is that he is multifaceted.

His academic and professional training with multi-skill capabilities and knowledge of many different subjects has allowed him to achieve very difficult goals. This includes the achievement of his own dreams, hence why this has also generated doubts in people who do not know him well.

As a general rule he always builds long term, good relationships both professionally and personally.

In any sector you thrive more on being a collaborative partner, rather than a transactional salesperson. Building a deep relationship and taking interest all aspects of your professional work environment is important and crucial to any work you bring to the table. Keeping a long-term vision, rather than jumping from job to job is key.

Communication for Carlos is vital and an essential element in building professional and personal relationships by maintaining an open and honest dialogue whatever the situation may be.

His perseverance in staying on top of progress, reaching out for opportunities, challenges and achieving demanding results has led to his success until today.